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Casa Bel Sole has a very extensive local knowledge of Italy and specifically Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, Lazio and Campania.

Interesting facts about Italy:
• Rome is the capital of Italy (Rome has a population of 2.8 million)
• Italy has a republican government.
• Total area of Italy is 301,230 sq km including Sardinia and Sicily
• The climate of Italy is a mediterranean type of climate with cold winters towards the northern regions.
• The Italian topography is generally rocky and mountainous
• The population of Italy is somewhere around 58,103,033 as per the 2005 estimates.
• Italian is the Official language of Italy. Other languages spoken in Italy are German, French, Slovene, Croatian, Greek, Catalan, Friuli and Ladino
• English is indeed a foreign language in Italy, but in the most tourist frequented regions you  may find someone who speaks English

Tuscany , Umbria , Abruzzo , Lazio and Campania.

There is something seductive and magical with Italy’s historic landscape and the Italians who love life and seem to have a passionate relationship to most things. No wonder Italy has created, and continues to create, some of the world’s most beautiful and innovative art, be it in architecture, painting, film, fashion or furniture design.

You do not need to travel far from larger cities like Rome, Milan and Florence before lifestyle and the pace of life changes considerably. Most villages in Italy are several centuries old and their winding, cobbled streets and alleys invite you to explore and seek new, local delights. Small specialist shops for cheese, wine, olive oil and pasta sell local specialities and make even the daily food shopping into a pleasant and interesting adventure.

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